Snackable videos from a weekly podcast

About Lendit
LendIt Fintech is the largest media and events company dedicated to innovation in lending and digital banking. Today they operate three major conferences annually, in New York, London and Miami, along with our digital community and our daily news organization.

Where they started
Lendit had a top-rated podcast: Fintech One-on-One. While the show was getting incredible guests and countless listens, Lendit wanted to extend their reach to their social channels as well. 

Why they chose
Lendit chose to help them extend the reach of their podcast and thought leadership webinars onto LinkedIn, YouTube, and beyond. 

The impact
Lendit used this content throughout their marketing and advertising to increase their audience. The guest of each podcast shared this snackable content on their social channels, quickly growing Lendit’s audience and reach.’s analytics allows constant improvement of the snackable content it creates, as well as helping Lendit continue to refine their marketing outreach.

Example LinkedIn & Facebook videos:

Example Graphics: