Add Value Now for Business Later

Add Value Now for Business Later


The working title I’m using for it is top of mind marketing. And so what I saw with my own podcast is that I have a great vehicle for putting information out to niche communities who are interested in very narrow topics.

I listened to a podcast about outdoor survival. There’s probably not a ton of people listening to that, but I love it. I love it. I listened to every minute, every episode. What I saw was like, wow, these are great podcasts, webinars serve this. And most of us don’t have an hour to devote to listening to something like this. In a single podcast there are a dozen gems, there are a dozen clips that communicate a point really effectively, minute clips or a quote or whatever else.

So what I thought is, there’s got to be a way to take a podcast or to take a webinar, to find those gems, to make it compelling for whatever channels matter (LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok), slice it up and put it in that format, and then give more content for companies to push out.

What I love about this approach is that first of all, it’s 100% about adding value. It’s not the person talking about their company, their product, their demo, their stats, any of that stuff. It’s giving people knowledge that helps them in their life, in their day and their work. It’s adding value for free. It’s very concise, and what else I tell our clients is especially for something like LinkedIn is: show up two-three times a week and add value, give them knowledge, give them a video, that’s helpful, give them a great graphic that’s helpful. And six months from now, when someone needs what you’re providing, you’re going to be top of mind, they’ve built up a relationship with you, they’ve seen you day in day out showing up and adding value, they might not convert to a customer tomorrow, but six months when they’re ready, they will.

I like that approach more than emailing people, hounding people cold calling advertising. Why not just build up thought leadership? Why not just make it your intention to help people to add value, and your name stays in the back of their minds? And if you’re right for them, eventually, they may work with you. That’s kind of the premise behind Captivate.

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