Build a Company That You Find Fulfilling

Build a Company That You Find Fulfilling


The part of me thinking that things will always evolve and always change gets exhausted; it gets exhausting thinking about having to continuously maintain and improve these systems. There’s some aspect of that, which is so overwhelming because I want to build a beautiful machine, and then just have that be done.

But everything has to constantly be questioned, constantly improved, and built upon. I’m realizing that’s something that I have to be vigilant about watching and myself because I like to control things I like to do, I like to work. If I have a few hours on the weekend, rather than go and watch a movie, I’d much rather get something done. It’s very energizing. And I think that can be an asset, but I think it can also be a really big liability.

Especially today, when hustling is glorified, when workaholism I think in popular media is set up as something to aspire to and respect rather than, in my view, it’s stupid. It sucks the creative life out of you, and we need breaks to replenish. So I think that one thing that’s helped me to become less VP of everything is having something outside of work that excites me. I have a two-year-old son and that gets me very excited.

But I also wanted to say that this year I’ve gotten much more back into running. And it’s funny, it’s something very tiny, it’s 30 to 60 minutes of my day, it’s a very tiny piece of it. But I find that having something that I’m excited about has nothing to do with work.

Having something that pulls me away from work. Not only is that good for me, but I always come back with more energy with more thoughts with more hutzpah. The E Myth and another book called Company of One, I think it’s helping me redefine what I want to build with Captivate.

I don’t have any aspirations of raising outside investment. I don’t have any aspirations of going public, I want to build a company that I find fulfilling, that gives me a great life. And that’s pretty much it. And so that means I don’t want to build a cage; I want to build a business that if I need to go off into the wilderness for a week, I can do that. I don’t want to build something where I have to be involved. So I think that’s the biggest thing that gets me thinking daily of like, okay, in the short term, maybe I have to do this. I don’t want to do it for more than six months. I need to find a system or process or person to take it over so that I’m no longer vital for anything. And that’s just my aspiration.

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