Capturing Attention Through Storytelling | Mita Mallick

About this episode:

This is a show all about getting attention online. Whether it is for you personally or for your company, each week we delve into how to get attention, how to keep attention, and how to make money from attention.

On this episode I speak with 15-year marketing and storytelling veteran, Mita Mallick. She shares how storytelling is a time honored way to capture attention, and also shares insights about what helped her become a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice. Here are a few things to keep an ear out for:

  1. Focusing on your passion and sharing your thoughts and research as you deepen in this passion

  2. Using authenticity and passion to direct how and what you share

  3. Storytelling not only as a means of capturing attention, but also as a means of healing and therapy

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About today’s guest:

Mita Mallick is the Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact at Carta. Her career includes I have over 15 years as a storyteller, leading iconic brands like AVEENO, AVON Color Cosmetics, Chapstick, Vaseline, Suave and Dove. She is a Contributor to Entrepreneur Media and was recognized by LinkedIn in 2020 as being a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Selected resources:

  • Mita’s LinkedIn profile:

  • What Leaders Can Learn From Macy’s Tweet Applauding “The Diverse Dance Group” –

  • Publications mentioned

    • Fast Company

    • HBR

    • Inc

    • Business Insider

    • NPR

    • Bloomberg

Selected quotes

  • Stories are always being rewritten. Last year, for many of us, our stories – globally, as a country, our communities, personally, our families – have all been rewritten.

  • For me, writing has been in storytelling, especially this last of the pandemic. It has been therapy for me and has been enormously healing.

  • I think what I’ve realized is that I want to lead my life with authenticity and purpose.

  • Don’t overthink it. Share what you’re passionate about and you’ll be surprised at the response you get.

  • I find the times when I write things and don’t overthink them, and just am very true and honest and put it out there, it’s remarkable the engagement you’ll get.

  • I love when people disagree with me. I think understanding how you can disagree with someone and still respect and love them is one of the biggest barriers right now in our country.

  • I post with frequency at this point without fear.

  • I subscribe to GaryVee’s school of thought to just post things and see how they do. I’m so fascinated by what gets people really excited and engaged versus why didn’t this work.

  • I don’t see it as an attack on me or what I posted. I see it as an opportunity for me to grow and learn from what someone else is pushing me to think about in a different way.

  • Advocacy will cost you something, it’s not free. It’ll cost you your pride, it’ll cost you your comfort – you will make mistakes.

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