Career Therapy Through Helping Others

Career Therapy Through Helping Others


The following insight came from my podcast interview with John Hinchliffe, where he spoke to me about the importance of giving and helping people.

I started as a face-to-face trainer. So, I can admit it was boring, and I’m sure the learners were bored as well. I started seeing presentations from people like Steve Jobs and began doing things differently, sparking imagination and being creative. That’s something that I wanted to do.

When honing your craft, you need to prepare to absorb information, but don’t overwhelm yourself. It would be best if you practiced every day. And you need to engage with others.

For me, I started honing my craft on evenings and weekends, learning the tech, learning the principles, learning the sciences of how we learn, and how we forget, and began to hone my craft. I found it was something that I loved. It was something that I had an interest in. But also, I could communicate that well to others.

So I started to build and develop and started in roles where I could implement those. I found that the more people I was helping, the better I was getting at my job because it was almost like career therapy: find out what works, what’s not working, where things have gone wrong, and make those changes. For me, it’s been that love of something that I’ve been able to do as a holistic approach with others.

But first of all, to better understand others, we must first better understand ourselves. When you become more aware of yourself, you also become more aware of others.

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful things is self-awareness. It is the first step toward empathy. When a person has high self-awareness, they are better at seeing others’ perspectives, showing compassion, and helping other people. Thinking, why are you doing what you’re doing? And also, what’s in it for you? I think I flipped things a bit.

There’s the old saying, do unto others like you want them to do to you. Flip that into do unto others like you’re doing to yourself. This Golden Rule guides us to choose for others what they would choose for ourselves.

If I’m giving somebody so much value, I’m getting so much value because I’m helping somebody that’s helping me. That’s going to perk up my day; that’s going to make me have a skip in my step. But it’s also going to mean that I know that I know because we teach others how we want to be treated. It’s a massive thing. If we’re open and honest and giving with others, they’re going to be the same to us on a large percentage. Whether that’s business deals, whether that’s friendships, whether that is the knowledge that will help you in the future, that’s important, and it just sets such a great transparent precedent for all your interactions.

So I think that for me, self-awareness is one of the biggest things when you are building a community, when you are helping, and when you’re mentoring. It’s not that you’re doing it for a selfish reason. It’s because you’re just doing it because it’s right.

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