Creating a Target Profile and Building a Community

Creating a Target Profile and Building a Community


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Andrew Bustamante, where he shared about Marketing Lessons Learned from the CIA.

Avatars; some people might know them as the ideal customer personas. For me, it started by using my agency skills and training. It’s almost comical, but at the agency, you create a target profile of who you’re going after, and you get very specific, very personal with it.

Thus, my first Avatar in EverydaySpy was named Paul; I named my avatar. Paul was 35 years old. Paul had two children; his two children were seven and five. Paul was straight. Paul was a Veteran. Paul was a college graduate. Paul made $111,000 a year after his annual bonus if he got an annual bonus. This was my avatar. Paul’s not real – but Paul was the person I wanted to serve.

By understanding him so clearly, I could wrap all of my marketing messages to speak to Paul.  I’m not going to talk to Paul about a menstruation period. I’m not going to talk to Paul about what it’s like to gain weight because you’ve been working for 30 years. Those aren’t things that are going to resonate with Paul. But I am going to talk to Paul about the challenge of being a dad raising young kids. I will talk to Paul about how difficult it is to transition from being a Veteran to being a civilian. I’m going to talk to Paul about the challenges of being a 40-year-old male in the year 2019.

These are the kind of things that I will create in my message to talk to my avatar. And then, when that message lands on the right year, they listen. If it lands on somebody other than my avatar, they don’t even know I’m there. I want Paul’s attention; I don’t really need Sam’s attention.

Besides Paul, there are other avatars like him. I imagine that one avatar listens to the podcast, and another one doesn’t listen to it but will watch a YouTube video. In that way, I’m consistent in what I’m presenting, how I am presenting myself and my business. The next action step is filtering these people out and allowing them to choose the venue in which they consume what I’m serving up.

For me, it’s sticking true to CIA principles. It’s sticking true to marketing principles. Once I graduated, my MBA, and I realized they didn’t teach me anything about marketing. When I started self researching marketing, I began using different terminology to say other marketing standards. And that’s been very powerful for me.

When you filter people out, you’re creating this nucleus of individuals, and you’re giving them access to other individuals who are just like them. Filtering the world for them because they don’t know how to filter it for themselves or haven’t been successful doing it yet. And that’s just so powerful for me to serve my customer as a direct to consumer business owner and deliver to them a community of people who are like them. Then it takes me, and it makes me less of a salesperson and more of a peer. And that’s the real value. That’s what I want to do with a business. What everybody who serves wants to do is be part of a community of those people whom they serve.

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