Customers Will Tell You What You Need

Customers Will Tell You What You Need


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Francisco Lacayo, where he talked about how PPC (pay-per-click) is different from other traditional marketing leads.

What worked for us is the most significant step you need to take, listening to your existing customers. They’re going to tell you what they need and what the market wants. 

If you are going through a dip or you want to scale, call your top 10 customers. Ask them what they are looking for and why they are choosing you. Based on what they’re saying, you’re going to have a pretty good idea of where you should go with the prospects. But, again, this comes with having a market research team and looking through the numbers, paying attention, reading, listening, and being present. 

Most companies would be amazed at how much relevant feedback they can get from their existing customers. However, that feedback is also essential to get new customers and get to the next level in the acquisition. 

For us, it was a huge learning experience during COVID. What we did was call them up and ask them how else we could help them. They asked us to write a blog article for their customers. We did that for them, and then we tried to do that for our customers, as well, and see if that resonated with them. And it did. We understood the added value of that particular feedback and then rolled it out. And it was successful for us. 

Suppose you’re a small or midsize company trying to grow your existing customers is probably your goldmine in terms of where to take the strategy because they’re confident enough with your service to give you feedback. In that case, they’re happy, and they represent your prospect market. So that’s the pool that you have to get all the information that you need.

Moreover, it is essential not to sell to a client and then use your service but to build a partnership. It’s all about keeping the communication open, understanding the following steps, and where they’re going as a customer. The more you know that, the more you can understand where you come in and add value. 

In a lot of cases, that also opens doors for other projects. If you have a client and you’re constantly talking to them, and they’re talking about their next step, that’s an opportunity for you to evolve as an agency as well. Identify what your customers want and invest in that particular project or product, and continue growing with the market in something that will likely be successful. 

Communication with clients is key to getting feedback and keeping them engaged with you. And if we want to be transparent, every digital marketing agency out there has clients whose complaints are not performing, and they’re not getting the results they want. But suppose the service is there, and they feel that you’re part of their company and think that you’re helping them with their marketing goals, they’ll stay for years. Even if the results are not there because they see the added value of the account management and the consulting relationship you have and how engaged and involved you are with their goals and needs. 

Communication, engagement, and client management aspect of the equation is, if not the same, maybe more important than the account management itself.

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