Don’t Obsess Over the Outcome

Don’t Obsess Over the Outcome


My biggest complaint is that I feel like as a society, and at this moment in history, the snapshot that people get, sadly, social media, TV magazines, everywhere, it’s all about a certain image of what success should look like. In my world, in technology, success is measured by the number of employees, your headcount, the amount of funding, your raise, if you go public, or what your valuation is all of these things, which works great for a very small number of people and companies, in my opinion.

I agree and what I feel both personally and professionally, the biggest thing that I’m working on as a human being is, can I be focused on this moment? And what are my actions right now? Can I completely detach from the outcome of what I’m trying to go after?

From my standpoint, that’s like, Okay, today is Monday, I’m going to show up, I’m going to do the best work that I can, given what’s going on in my life, I’m going to give my customers the best support, I’m going to do my best on sales, I’m going to give my absolute best.

I don’t control the outcome of everything. There’s so much luck involved. There’s so much about industry trends, market trends, I learned that for sure. With my first company StoryBox, no matter how much I work, no matter how much I want success to look a certain way, I can’t control that. But I can control my actions.

I feel like, with StoryBox, I was committed to a certain outcome. I was committed to what success looks like, which was raising 10 million in funding, getting acquired, going public, all of these things. And my version of things is that StoryBox had its own path. Maybe its path was just to be a 40 person company that wasn’t known around the world that served a lot of companies and gave me and my employees and our customers great lives. Maybe that was the purpose of this.

But I expected too much of it or I tried to make it something that wasn’t and that’s where it got into trouble. And I wish I had a better way to say that but it’s just this desire for people to let both their own career in their company, to have its own life to have its own path, rather than white-knuckling and forcing it to meet some predefined role.

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