How Podcasting Has Changed My Life

How Podcasting Has Changed My Life


I have a successful podcast that has certainly and positively changed my life in many ways over the last years. I want to share the three biggest and most important of those benefits with you in this post.

The first thing that comes to mind is access. Access to valuable knowledge and information. This is also something I tell our clients of why to do a podcast and why it’s so important. I was fortunate to interview many people that I really respect: Jocko Willink from Extreme Ownership, Admiral Mullen, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and NFL players. With podcasting, I’m able to meet with people who would never meet with me. But because I have a podcast, they’re willing to do it.

When I started podcasting, I thought, if I’m going to have a conversation with someone, why not put it on a podcast so other people can benefit? This decision is a win-win for both sides. My listeners and I will both get useful information on a topic that we’re both interested in.

About a year ago, I was talking with someone, and they talked about having a mentor. I felt guilty for not having one, and then I realized that I’m essentially getting that with the podcast. I’m meeting with these incredible human beings, getting knowledge and mentorship from them that most of them honestly wouldn’t probably do if I didn’t have this platform to interview them on. The great thing is that most people don’t even have the language to qualify a podcast, at least where we’re at right now. I would say that of the 380 people I’ve interviewed, only three have asked me: “Hey, what’s your audience size? How big is your audience?” People don’t even know to ask that. I could have a podcast that my grandmother and aunt, and mother are listening to in theory. I have an audience of three, but no one really knows that. They see that you’ve got a podcast, so they’re willing to talk to you.

The second one is public speaking. And obviously, there’s still so much room to improve. I feel like podcasts are great for improving public speaking because it’s so painful. Yesterday, I listened to an old interview in which I was using so many uhms and so many things. And it’s so painful to have that in my face. So I feel like podcasting has helped with improving that part.

The third one is that that’s how was born. The idea came because, in part, I saw the power of podcasts when I was doing it with Beyond the Uniform and realized that there are a million things I’d love to do; Beyond the Uniform doesn’t have a budget, so I’m not doing that. But if a company had a budget, you could do incredible things with that. And that was one of the building blocks that led me to Captivate.

That’s why I would say that podcasting is an incredible journey for me. The more I make videos, the more I gain knowledge and get mentorship from incredible people. Besides also improving my public speaking, podcasting has also helped me move forward with my career. It has opened a new door for me, and I am looking forward to sharing Captivate’s progress with my listeners.

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