How Social Media Can Help You Build Your Company

How Social Media Can Help You Build Your Company


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Rob Delf, where he talked about how social media can help you acquire customers and build your company’s culture. He also discussed how 80% of the events could be done remotely nowadays.

What we’ve found is that social media contributes to helping build the business from a cultural standpoint. It helps with recruiting people. It assists from a talent standpoint and not necessarily from building the base of our end-state customers. We use other tools like targeted marketing, advertising platforms to target the right organizations. But from a social media perspective, probably the most influential is LinkedIn, where I know that the target audience is within my expertise domain sphere, where I’m capturing the eyeballs of people who struggle with this problem.

In the past, I have posted some business things on Facebook. But my parents and friends don’t care about that. And in addition, none of my professional contacts will be looking at social media to source and acquire a new business system. So it is the old marketing adage of knowing your audience and where they live.

It’s about taking a healthy dose of pragmatism to things. I love TikTok. I can spend hours through incredible, impossible shots. But realistically, in terms of making buying decisions or even becoming aware, there’s a solution to this problem, my audience isn’t there.

What I’ve found interesting in the last two years is what you can do when conferences get canceled. When you go to these events, you have speaking engagements, and a lot of it’s in person, so you set up lots of these meetings. 

So what do you do when all of that is canceled? How do you stay abreast of this? It certainly takes a little bit of innovation to say, “Okay, my audience isn’t on TikTok, but where are they? And how can I reach them?” So you look at things like LinkedIn, targeted advertising, and services that can allow you to connect into display networks, but maybe on a cookie basis for enterprise domain names. So you’re not blowing out a budget on keywords with Google ads. Perhaps you’re going after specific domain company names that are specified in the industry, and you can even go down to the named user level. It’s best to do a lot of research and find out what is more suitable for you. Because you need to get out there and reach your audience, but you can’t meet them in person, so you’ll have to meet them on their computer using the new ad technologies that exist.

Pre-COVID, it would be essential to do a ton of traveling to meet customers face to face. Now, the pandemic has given us this opportunity to realize what’s required and what’s not. And 80% of that wasn’t needed because now events can be done remotely. I can have zoom meetings with anyone in the world remotely. We’ve been able to do so much on a remote basis. Online events are a way to meet a lot of people at once. And maybe that’s a once-a-year thing now. Then, the rest of it has to be supplemented by additional touchpoints and ways of getting in front of your target audience without being in person. That will be better for all of our mental health and will also allow us to target more specifically the events that we want to attend and make sure that they’re relevant enough. But if we go back, I suspect we could have skipped 50 to 80% of the events we used to go to, in favor of a more streamlined, targeted approach.

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