How to Create a Clear Brand Message | Ryan Rhoten

About today’s guest:

Today, Ryan Rhoten covers a ton of ground, everything from crafting a brand messaging, to listening to people and understanding how to position your product or service to best meet their needs. To be able to mind-read what someone is wanting to the four O’s of messaging. I took away a ton in terms of content marketing, website design, sales pitch, and connecting with other people.

Ryan is the founder of CareerBrand, a company that helps brands find their essence. So they position packages and promote their expertise online with strong brand messaging. Without clear messaging, your brand can’t reach its full potential. He is also the author of the book Career Kred as well as the just-released book LinkedIn Made Simple, which is co-authored by Andy Foote.

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Time Stamps:

  • Ryan’s background [1:44]

  • Why it is so important for brands and individuals to create a clear message [4:09]

  • Problems and struggles of brand identity [8:31]

  • Best practices for brands [14:13]

  • Focusing on the details [20:52]

  • How to use feedback right [26:10]

  • How do you start building a content strategy around the brand’s message [33:13]

  • What not to do on LinkedIn [38:39]

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