In Order to Grow, You Have to Change | Scott Kim

About today’s guest:

My guest today is Scott Kim, the CEO of RocketReach, which connects professionals to new opportunities, powered by the largest and most accurate contacts on this planet. He has an incredible career of turnaround work at companies including, Zocdoc, and other brands that you’ve heard of oftentimes coming into a company and having them reach historic highs of revenue and growth. In this conversation, we talked not just about that, but also about what’s the key to making a company grow and thrive, and about the role email should play within a company’s communication strategy.

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Time Stamps:

  • Scott’s background [0:15]

  • Top three priorities to change in an organization [4:16]

  • How to know what is actually good for the company’s growth [7:04]

  • How to use customer feedback [9:22]

  • Is email dead? [12:46]

  • Where email fits into a portfolio of a company’s communication [16:32]

  • What drew Scott to RocketReach [18:26]

  • Scott’s advice for growing a company [20:41]

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