Inadvertent Viral Post | Paul David

About this episode:

I’m rebroadcasting an episode that I did for my other podcast Beyond the Uniform, which we’ll play here shortly. But this is a really incredible story of someone who wrote a post on LinkedIn and woke up the next morning to 200,000 likes and 6 million views. To say it was viral is an understatement. I interviewed Paul David. He’s an incredible human being and I loved his lessons around marketing and just being a good human in general. So enjoy this episode.

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Time Stamps:

  • The starting point of Paul’s viral post [0:55]

  • The impact on Paul’s business or life from his unbelievably viral post [2:30]

  • Sharing who you are on LinkedIn [7:14]

  • Uniqueness is an asset for smaller companies [8:32]

  • Paul’s advice on how your post can go viral [9:41]

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