Is Email Dead?

Is Email Dead?


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Scott Kim, where he talked about building a strong core for your business and then improving your products.

Emails are not dead. Very simply. People will tell you the direct mail is not dead. It’s still one of the most effective marketing channels that many people still use. And I think there are a couple of things that have happened contextually that have made email even more critical over the last close number of years; obviously, number one is COVID.

If you think about it, many of the ways people used to network and meet other people have gone away for a little over a year now. You can’t go to conferences, you can’t go to networking events, and you can’t do a whole bunch of things that you used to do. And so then now you do have to reach out in some form or fashion, and I think email is the preferred method. Other channels have been used over the last decade or so, where I would argue that the signal-to-noise ratio has gotten pretty bad. And so sometimes, to cut through the clutter, you want to send an email directly from an account to a direct account as opposed to just spamming a huge list. Then you want to personalize it and do many things with it to kind of get activity on it.

Emails not dead. And if used properly can be a super-effective channel for whatever you’re trying to do, whether it be sales or marketing or recruiting lots of different use cases for it. But you still have to do it well. The first thing you have to have from an infrastructural perspective is who you are trying to reach and their contact information.

We have so many examples of the email being used poorly. But that doesn’t mean that this channel is flawed; it just means that many people are sloppy, lazy, or maybe misguided in their approach. And I like to use that term signal to noise because I think that, if used correctly, you can slice through the noise by crafting a message pertinent to whoever you’re trying to hire, whoever you’re trying to get as a customer. You can tailor and slice through that.

With email, you have a lot of flexibility. Number one, you can do many more things with the customization and other pieces that you can’t necessarily do in the mail. Also, often in my LinkedIn account, there is a little bit of noise that happens in there now because people are starting to use the channel, obviously a lot more now than it did five or ten years ago. Again, if you can create a strategy for email, that’s very effective. Email can be an extremely effective channel overall. And so I think it’s going to be around for a very long time for the people that can create an effective strategy with it.

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