Just Write. Don’t Overthink It.

Just Write. Don’t Overthink It.


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Mita Mallick, where she shared her journey as a storyteller.

I think what I’ve realized is that I want to lead my life with authenticity and purpose; this is the reason why I write for myself. I write things that I have experienced, and I can only write what I know. That’s what I start with every time.

When I write things and don’t overthink them, and I am authentic and honest and put it out there, I notice that the engagement I get is remarkable as the story of my name. What I encourage people to do is if you want to start storytelling and you want to get active on LinkedIn is to map what are the things that you’re passionate about writing. It’s essential to plan things out and focus on what you like and know most. But even if someone asked me to write right now about things like AI and start commenting about the AI world, I could do it by studying about it. I am not passionate about it, but in the same way, it’s about the experiences I’ve had.

I think that when you overthink things, and you’re trying to think about it, can it go viral? How many likes and how many engagements? I’m also in a very different place; I don’t run my own business. I’m so excited to be at Carta, 90 days in leading their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts; this is my life’s work and is something that I’m passionate about. I do it with cadence, and I share what I’m learning about the world. That’s what I think resonates with people.

I’m always testing different things. One day, I decided to tell a friend that “you should have many great quotes. You should start posting quotes.” I posted a quote on Monday, and I got excited by the significant engagement it had. Also, I used to be a client of VaynerMedia. And I know Gary Vaynerchuk. I subscribe to his school of thought of just posting things and seeing how they do. That’s why I love LinkedIn. I’m just so fascinated by what gets people excited and engaged versus why it didn’t work for them. So I think there’s that you have to be brave and try things.

The last thing I’ll say is, I think the lines for everything blurred. Individuals will say, “I can’t believe this is on LinkedIn; it should be on Facebook.” We’re all home, most of us. We’re privileged to work from home. That’s not the case for many people on our country’s frontlines and the world right now. But lines have blurred. So I think that you shouldn’t overthink it. Share what you’re passionate about, and you’ll be surprised at the response you get.

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