Make Success Inevitable

Make Success Inevitable


I think that comparison is the thing that I struggle most with. And this is, after a decade of meditation and personal growth work. After a decade of that, it takes 10 seconds on LinkedIn and seeing someone’s posts to be thrown off my game and to become comparative.

When I see someone build a company from nothing into a $100 million Empire, there are times when I see that and it’s inspirational. There are times when I see that as motivational. So there are certainly ways in which this can be fuel. But I find that it also can lead to what I identify with is this victim state of like, oh, man, this person won the lottery, and I didn’t. There are ways in which that sacks, saps my energy, saps my creativity, it gets me to stop thinking about markets of serving, and it starts making me think of like, oh, what have I done wrong, that my company isn’t worth $10 billion, or whatever else it is.

For me, the antidote for that is a couple of things. One is gratitude. The number of times where I have to stop and be like, okay, I’m, first of all, I’m living in a house, there are so many people on our planet that are homeless, right? I’m not worried about what I’m going to do for lunch, right? I’ve got my microwavable meal sitting up in my refrigerator. That’s great. How many people on the planet are worried about eating today? So I think gratitude can help snap me out of that.

Then I think another one is being open to my own journey and just trying to get back to what’s my right action. It’s great to see this person succeed. But, what’s my top three today? I got to get this email out to a client, I need to fix this product problem. That’s my world. That’s where I need to focus.

I think that news and social media can be a distraction when it lures us into that unfair comparison. And there’s this great quote: we can judge others where they’re at, we judge the final product, not see all the ingredients that have gone into it. It’s very alluring, especially on social media to see the end result, but not see the full story, not see what’s gone into it.

That’s why I just want to focus on building my own recipe. For example, you’ve read so many great books and mentors. That’s a good comparison. That’s a good way to learn from others and take what applies to us and then go back to building but the aspect of which becomes voyeuristic to me is not helpful.

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