Manage Your People Process to Change Your Life

Manage Your People Process to Change Your Life


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Jon Ferrara, where he talked about how you can build connections at scale and manage your people process to change your life.

How do you build connections at scale? You do it by getting out in the digital river and listening and engaging in the places where your constituencies grow and learn. For me, that’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, whatever. And what do I do in those places? I don’t get out there and shout how great I am or how great my products are. Nobody cares. People don’t buy great products; they buy better versions of those sounds.

How will you build your brand and grow your network as you get out in the river and share content about how other people can be great? If you teach people to fish, they’ll figure out you sell fishing poles. So please share your knowledge, and give it away daily. If you’re not good at creating content, think curated; find the people that inspire and educate you in your areas of passion and purpose, and share that content hashtag in the category and attribute in the name. And then listen and engage not to sell somebody something but to serve that person, because service is the new sales. 

If daily, you’re giving your knowledge away, connecting with others, and listening to find ways to add value to that human being. They can’t help but love you and then start blowing wind in your sails. And I think that the new magic of the universe is paying others forward to grow your network and build this connected group of people that ultimately help you achieve your goals in life. Because the more people you have, the more you’ll grow.

I love interacting with other human beings. It’s something I think we get energy from.

I was out of tech for ten years, and nobody even knew who I was. And so, I started using social media and immediately built this community around me that was vibrant. So I wanted to utilize that community better and engage with it effectively. 

When I built GoldMine, I struggled to manage contacts myself and as a team. So I started to interact with the people I listened to and engaged with on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And I started sharing my idea about what social selling and social CRM should be. And there was no term for that. So I pioneered social selling and social CRM before they existed. 

If you’re reading this today, you need to manage and own your contacts, period. Every connection you make daily is potentially going to change your life tomorrow. So take every contact that you get, put it into some system to manage the processes. And think about this. The whole idea of people in companies is to put them through a process.

It would be best if you took these relationships that start in whatever soft place they do, then bring them into the firmer places, and periodically reach out and nurture and connect with those people. If you don’t do what you say you’re going to do, you’re going to fail in life, and people will not trust you.

Everybody should have the next step. And set a reminder to stay in touch. Maybe share or comment on someone’s post. Thus, people know that you’re listening and hearing them. The most basic human need is to be seen, heard, wanted, and loved. If you can share love, you’re going to build a network that’ll help you achieve any dream you have in life.

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