Marketing Lessons from the CIA | Andrew Bustamante

About this episode:

This is a show all about getting attention online. Whether it is for you personally or for your company, each week we delve into how to get attention, how to keep attention, and how to make money from attention.

On this episode I speak with 8 year CIA veteran Andrew Bustmanta about lessons he learned in the Central Intelligence Agency and how that can help you attract the right attention online. Things to keep an ear out for:

– using a filter rather than a funnel when attracting your ideal customer persona

– how filtering out most people allows you to better serve your core audience

– how to construct your business to attract the right attention, while not being noticed by the masses

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Thanks for your attention, and let’s get started with today’s episode.

About today’s guest:

Andrew is the Founder of EverydaySpy, which trains individuals and teams to leverage influence, intelligence and intent. Techniques once reserved for elite spy agencies can now serve everyday people in their pursuit of personal and professional objectives. He served in both the U.S. Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency, in addition to being a Senior Advisor at CVS Health.

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Selected quotes

It’s all about hiding in plain sight until you choose to absolutely overwhelm somebody’s emotional center and take their attention.

Advertising is unintentional; it’s just trying to get your attention and put a name at the top of your head. Marketing has to be intentional.

Funnels work on non-digitally savvy people. The more digitally savvy your customer is, the less likely a funnel will work because they can see and feel themselves being funneled.

I put people through my filter because I am trying to find people that I can serve at scale. It doesn’t do me any good to pour a bunch of time into one person.

It’s so powerful for me to be able to serve my customer as a direct to consumer business owner, but then to also deliver to them a community of people who are like-minded.

The faster you adhere to your own principles, the faster your success will come. Every distraction just lengthens the period of time before you hit your objectives.

When you filter people out, you’re creating this nucleus of individuals and you’re giving them access to other individuals who are just like them.

I wanted something that was going to contribute massive value to a few people, not something that was going to give a little bit of value to tens of thousands of people.

Advertising is something I still shy away from. My time is better served organically, but when I do reach out, it’s targeted at someone who is going to be susceptible to my message.

The people that I hear from the most are the people who I serve the best.

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