Stop Talking About Your Brand

Stop Talking About Your Brand


So, you have your business, and you want to promote it online. And you start asking yourself: Which is the best way to market your company and start attracting more customers? The answer is simple: stop talking about your brand.

Yes, you read that right. Though weird as it sounds, you aren’t going to make any sales if you keep bombarding your potential customers with ads.

A lot of the philosophy that drives everything we’re doing is that you have to be focused on thought leadership in today’s world. Everyone wants to talk about their product. Everyone wants to sell something but, that’s way down the funnel. That’s way down the process.

Your content should go beyond your brand awareness. Your focus should be on establishing long-lasting and more meaningful relationships with the people you’re trying to reach.

Where we’re at today – literally as of the last 48 to 72 hours – is we’re starting with some of our clients to realize that once they have content, the next hurdle they have to overcome is putting it to use. If your customer is on LinkedIn, you need to be posting – you as a person, not as the company – three to five times a week on LinkedIn, adding value for free, demonstrating knowledge that will benefit the people that you’re selling to with no expectation of making a sale.

So as we started to champion that, we found that we give our content to the clients. They’ve got so many things going on that it’s difficult for them to take it and write up a post to deploy on LinkedIn. So we’ve started to offer that for our clients. Literally: this is the post, this is the video to post, this is the day to day do it on. We will email you. You copy and paste and do it. We’re spoon-feeding our clients so they can keep up that cadence that will lead to more sales.

We haven’t gotten to ads yet. But it’s something I’m trying to let our clients lead us to what they need. And they haven’t told us they need that. But the truth is, we’ve built all of this engine with social media in mind. And ads are a big part of social media. So one potential path is that you could identify the snippets, the snackable content that does the best. And then, put an ad behind that, or repackage it, or put it into a display ad.

We have one client where it started all about social media. But now they’re building out a resources section of their website, in which they use this snackable content. So it’s great, we’ll find ways to support you in that because that’s a way of adding value and adding thought leadership.

I imagine ads, email integration, newsletter integration, all of those are on the horizon. But we’re trying to keep our ears to our clients of like, what do you need next? And grow with them.

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