The Importance of Giving

The Importance of Giving


The following insight came from my podcast interview with John Hinchliffe, where he spoke to me about the importance of giving and helping people.

Giving is a big part of my history and story, and belief. Companies and individuals should care about giving. That should be part of their ethos, part of their foundation of who they are.

Giving builds trust, empathy, and credibility. When we think about who we would rather buy something from; would we rather buy something from somebody we have just seen in a short bio or somebody who actively helps us and becomes almost like a subconscious friend? So it’s about giving credibility. What is the right way for your organization, you as an individual, whereby you can impart giving? But how can you provide a solution to a problem that somebody has? You don’t have to, as a business, give away the whole product or your entire IP.

But how is it that you can solve a problem for somebody that’s going to help them, can make them like you, and then it’s more likely that they’re going to buy from you in the future? Also, when we think about credibility, it’s not what you know. It’s what you can prove. We are in hectic times whereby there’s a lot of competition no matter what area you’re in. So it’s how do you stand out? How do you prove that you know what you can do? You can show people what you can do, but you can do it to build that trust; you can make that camaraderie in some ways if you’re building a community. And it’s really how you provide solutions, and you’ve identified the problems. It’s almost coming back to learning how you’re providing results for a problem. And I think giving in its many forms and many ways is an excellent part of that.

But, there is this fear of always giving with nothing left to give. To overcome this, it comes back to you as an individual; why are you doing it? Is it that you are just inherently super good, and you want to help tons of people? Or, as an organization, what’s the end goal? What does this giving do? Is it a marketing tool that you can get this information that will lead to a campaign? Is it that it is part of your core to your organization, it’s part of your core values?

It’s about understanding what this is about. And also, what you want to get out of things. If you are looking for a job, you are giving help and advice, and you show what you can do. It is that you can also tag on to that what you’re looking for. So letting people also know your story. Because the more people are invested in the help you give, the more they’re interested in you as an individual. It’s understanding in what angle you are going at, but also being completely transparent.

I’m very inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk; such an inspiring mind in such a giver as well. But his whole thing is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. So it’s give, give, give, offer something that people can, or they can’t take, but don’t expect that everybody’s going to take it. So give, give, give, but you can offer your services should people want to take it up. So it’s that credibility and then offering those services.

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