Things to Know When You Create Content | David Ledgerwood

About today’s guest:

My guest today is David Ledgerwood, an expert in sales. He has helped hundreds of companies grow from hundreds of 1000s of dollars in revenue to millions in revenue and 10s of millions of revenue. We talk about a lot in this conversation. A few things to listen for; one is the discernment between being too narrow and too niched in versus being too broad. I enjoyed our conversation around this. A second one was around how things don’t necessarily need to scale at the start of an organization. Yes, we’ve all read the lean startup. We all know about the importance of scalability. But that doesn’t always mean you need to start there. We talk about how sales can inform marketing, and I loved David’s thoughts on specific tactics on how to do that.

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Time Stamps:

  • David’s background [0:41]

  • When to stay myopically focused on one type of customer [5:51]

  • Focus on service businesses [9:23]

  • How a sales should be informing marketing [14:38]

  • Trends that stand out [19:16]

  • Companies publicly displaying pricing vs. being opaque [23:38]

  • David’s tips for startup founders [26:03]

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