Turning Podcasts Into Social Media Content

Turning Podcasts Into Social Media Content


When I was at StoryBox, it was all about social media marketing technology. One of the things that just came up again and again for me was that social media managers might be one of the most unappreciated employees. Because more and more now, they have to track on five to ten different social platforms, and all of them are different. They have to compete against the noise; they have to post consistently. That means multiple times a week on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on YouTube, on TikTok; it’s this never-ending list. And very often, this poor social media manager had to come up with the content on all of those channels, day in and day out. That stuck with me, and I have a little bit of empathy for that position and didn’t do anything with it for years.

Meanwhile, just as a side project for fun, I was doing Beyond The Uniform, my podcast. And I thought that podcasts are incredible; it’s such an excellent vehicle to meet new people. I was meeting with NFL players, Academy Award nominees, and amazing people. But I started to realize that it’s easy for me, and most people, to sit and talk with someone; it’s really enjoyable. But if you ask me to write a post, or write a blog post, or put together a video, it’s like pulling teeth.

What clicked for me is realizing that podcasts are one of the most efficient vehicles for content production. And what I found was that we could take a single episode of a podcast, we could turn it into three to five blog posts, we could turn it into 10 to 20 videos for different social channels, we could come up with graphics. From this one episode, now you’ve got months’ worth of social media content. Marrying those two things together from StoryBox and Beyond The Uniform, I thought, here’s a pain point that we can solve. We can prop up podcasts, and we can create this content efficiently. And now the marketing team has all of this ammo to deploy weekly on all these social channels.

One of the things that make podcasts great is that you can cater to a very tiny niche audience. The audience is the people who know this person, which is a small thing; it’s their friends and family. But what I love about the potential for podcasts is marketing the thought of an ideal customer persona, an exact person we’re going after. And this precision marketing, rather than spray and pray. And what I think is great with podcasts. If you’re selling to lawyers who you know are looking at agricultural real estate, and there are 1000 of those people out there that you’re selling to, you can create a podcast that caters to that very, very precise audience. You’ll never have the numbers of Tim Ferriss; you’ll never have the numbers of Joe Rogan. But who cares if your audience is exactly who you’re selling to and trying to serve? If you get 100% of that, you can build an empire from that. You don’t need millions of listeners.

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