What Is Your Ultimate Goal? What Do You Really Need?

What Is Your Ultimate Goal? What Do You Really Need?


The following insight came from my podcast interview with John Hinchliffe, where he spoke to me about the importance of giving and helping people.

What’s your ultimate goal? When you think about your five-year realistic plan, what does that mean? And how can you provide value that would bring you to that?

Everyone has an ultimate goal in life. Whether you have one or multiple is going to be up to you. Feeling strongly toward your life goals is what gives you the fuel to take those steps. No matter your goal, you’re going to need to research and build a plan to achieve it. It’s likely not just going to knock on your door – you have to make that change happen!

When I think about what I want to create are the moments of community. But I want to contend with the vast communities in the eLearning industry because why can’t I. Which refers to another thing for people; why can’t you compete with the big ones? They all started from somewhere. So why can’t you build the biggest? But it’s also that thing of how you can create the most significant community without tearing other people down. How can you do it for the right reasons? How can you provide as much value as possible?

I think it’s also when you are so short-term focused; it’s what do you need? You have to ask yourself if it is perhaps validation or monetary values. And whether it’s starting to shift that focus to what’s your bigger goal. What is the big aim? Really, why do you want that? For me, a massive thing is legacy and impact. And people being able to say nice things about me when I die.

Besides legacy, it’s also karma. I’m a big believer in that. And if I’m making that positive impact and just impacting people that maybe I’ll never meet. But if I’m doing something that takes a few hours out of my life, but it’s legacy, it’s that karma and legacy, which you can’t put a price on when we come down to it.

While your legacy can come from achieving your ultimate goal, you want to identify the supporting goals and tasks to accomplish that goal. The goals that you need to do now, at present.

When we’re talking about ROI, it’s really what you need at the moment. That analysis of what you need. If right now you need more sales, cool.

To systematically build trust, you have to engage with the client whose trust you want to build and listen to what they have to say. Listening is far more important than them hearing you.

Then, you think about what value you are going to bring to people so that you’re in a nice credible position that they trust you, that they like you, that you’ve brought them so much value that you’re now asking, “Hey, really glad I’ve helped you. I’ve got this product that’ll also help you. Would you be open to it?” Because it’s far easier doing that than going straight into the DM’s and trying to sell to people.

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