Why Podcasts Are Vital to Marketing

Why Podcasts Are Vital to Marketing


Finding your niche is creating buyer personas that give you a clear insight into who is buying from you and who you should be targeting. You can’t sell to everybody or your products to be too broad and general; it’s important to be specific on what you sell and to whom. That applies to platforms as well. You pick the one platform you want to focus on where your customers are most likely to be and do that one. Your content needs to be targeted, as well.

For anyone who runs a business, it’s not only about thinking, “I’m in love with this concept of ideal customer personas,” but it’s also this theory of “who we are selling to? What do they do? Where do they eat? What do they read? What do they need to know?” After you find a niche in their industry with underserved or unmet needs, you need to ask yourself many questions. It’s best when creating your ideal customer in mind to start focusing on the clients’ lifestyles, behaviors, and habits in this time and age, rather than just their age and gender. Because, also, having your ideal customer persona can help you organize your business better, from product development and sales tracking to content creation and customer service.

And that’s why I think that podcasts are such a beautiful part of any marketing mix. Because podcasts allow you to be hyper-niche in your focus and, thus, help you find your targeted group audience. For example, Scott Mackes is dealing with just Service Academy grads. It’s a very, very small – relatively small subset of society. I tell our clients that if you take this approach and know who your ideal customer is, you then give them the information they need. You’ll never be the next Joe Rogan, and you’re not going to be Tim Ferriss with 10s of millions of people listening. But that doesn’t matter. That shouldn’t discourage you from starting.

Suppose you have 1000 people that are your true customers. I would much rather have those 1000 people listening to my podcast and building that relationship, rather than a million people that aren’t who I’m selling to. So it always comes back to asking questions like, “who am I selling to? What do they want? And how do I add value, add value, add value?” LinkedIn posts, Instagram reels, Facebook lives, insert whatever it is. Your every move needs to be viewed through what they need and how I can give them. Not because I’m just looking for a sale today. I may build a relationship for six months, and then it’s like, “Hey, I saw you posted on this three months ago on LinkedIn. I’m ready to do business right now.”

It’ll certainly take some time to build trust and a strong relationship with your audience and potential future clients, but podcasting offers you the opportunity to be hyper-niche. Thus, you can find the right persons that are truly interested in your content.

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