Why You Should Consider SEO and How to Keep Up With the Changes

Why You Should Consider SEO and How to Keep Up With the Changes


The following insight came from my podcast interview with Caitlin Strempel, where she talked about how you or your business can become more visible online with SEO.

SEO is always an afterthought. Some startups are techie and automatically know. But most companies have already done their Facebook ads and email campaigns. And they are at the point where they’re thinking about their next steps. This is when SEO comes into play. 

Even if you’re getting started as an entrepreneur or you’re in business, take a look at your website. It’s easy these days to do it yourself. Squarespace, Wix, and all of these websites have forms that you can start to do your SEO. Even the basics are crucial. Start as soon as you can. That will put you ahead of your competition.

First, set a foundation of what your SEO guidelines and foundation are and then go into ads. Because with ads, the traffic comes right away. But once you stop paying for the ads, the traffic leaves. SEO is the opposite. You have to put money and time into it. And after a few months, you’ll start to see the results. But once you get to the top and you’re stable there, you can back off, and you don’t have to optimize every day, or you don’t have to pay an agency to do it for you. It will run on its own eventually. But, even if you’ve started running with ads without thinking about SEO, that’s fine. But think of your long-term goal.

However, keeping up with SEO can be tricky. There are always a ton of changes with the algorithm. So make sure that you get the latest and greatest from the gurus out there. You can also learn many things by working on different websites that might not go with the trends. Go over the monthly reports and see what the insights are, what’s working, and what’s not working. But, even though algorithm updates are always crazy, the foundational aspect of SEO has been the same; to create great content and authentically serve people.

So, if you’re creating content and want to get it front online, optimize it for SEO. How can you get that across all of your social media channels in a way that drives traffic back to your website? You don’t do this for every post. Maybe once a week, do a social media post based on your latest blog post with a link for your website. That’s interesting because Google picks that up. It’s called social signals. It’s been debatable over the past two years if it helps SEO. But as a digital strategy and marketing, it does help you get new people back to your website that way. Then you can optimize SEO, get your website to the top of Google, and get brand new traffic that way from Google, who would have never found you on social media. But once they hit your traffic, and if your ads are set up properly, then you can retarget this traffic that you wouldn’t have necessarily gotten before. So it becomes this very cohesive marketing plan if you want it to be and if you make it out to be.

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