Your Podcast is a Marketing Machine

Your Podcast is a Marketing Machine


I always think of the Native Americans. They say they used every last piece of the buffalo. I feel like we as marketers today, we’re creating exceptional podcasts and webinars, and events. We get 10% of the value. And so we are about helping you get 90% more value by finding the best snippets and turning it into compelling content that is snackable for social media in a way that drives more sales and grows your audience.

I started doing podcasting snippets forever ago in the Navy. I was in nuclear submarines for five years, and when I got out, I had no idea what I was going to do. So I went to business school as a kind of a reset button. And when I was at business school, I got exposure to all of these potential careers that I’d never heard of. And one of them was realizing that big companies come from small companies that are started by one or two people who had an idea. So I started a company called StoryBox.

I was really in love with the thought of creating a company. I was really in love with this thought that I can find a pain point. I can find something that sucks, and I can find a way to fix it and help many people.

StoryBox was a marketing technology company, and I got to know thousands of marketers in my role there. And what I realized was marketers have such a tough job because you’ve got six, ten, twelve different social media channels that you have to be active on, usually posting once a day. And then you’ve got a team of people that are taxed with coming up with original content to publish relentlessly. It just never stops.

Podcasts are content marketing machines. In this thirty to forty-five minute conversation with you, there’s going to be so much that you could repurpose as a blog, as a video, as a graphic. 

Let’s go and help solopreneurs. Let’s help businesses. Let’s help organizations create content for every social media channel. Let’s give them the ammo to publish consistently on 20 different social media channels, and all it takes is a podcast. All it takes is a webinar. All it takes is an event.

The truth is podcasts are exploding. There is so much room for podcasts, but also webinars and virtual events and events. And we’ve kind of got our toe in the water on all of those. And so, what I think is exciting from an investor standpoint is we’re riding four different trends, all of which are growing, but we’re not reliant on any one of those trends.

And so, if podcasts diversified, we’re diversified. So we’re expanding with all of them in a way that benefits us. But if one of them goes away, we’ve still got three others. And I think that that’s exciting to know, that we’re not just a single trick pony. We’ve got a lot of room.

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