Zero to 80k Followers in 10 months | Lan Phan

About this episode:

On this episode I speak with Lan Phan about how she grew from 0 followers to 80,000 in under 10 months for her company, community of SEVEN. We cover a whole host of topics, including:

  1. Focusing on your why

  2. A community vs. a personal brand

  3. Betting on yourself

  4. A new definition of MVP

‘May I Have Your Attention…’ is brought to you by, which turns your webinar or podcast into three months of social media content. Find out more at Captivate.aiThis is a show all about getting attention online. Whether it is for you personally or for your company, each week we delve into how to get attention, how to keep attention, and how to make money from attention.

On this episode I speak with 15-year marketing and storytelling veteran, Mita Mallick. She shares how storytelling is a time honored way to capture attention, and also shares insights about what helped her become a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice. Here are a few things to keep an ear out for:

  1. Focusing on your passion and sharing your thoughts and research as you deepen in this passion

  2. Using authenticity and passion to direct how and what you share

  3. Storytelling not only as a means of capturing attention, but also as a means of healing and therapy

‘May I Have Your Attention…’ is brought to you by, which turns your webinar or podcast into three months of social media content. Find out more at

About today’s guest:

Lan Phan is the Founder & Chief Community Builder at community of SEVEN, an invite-only community for those looking to change the world. She is an award-winning marketing leader with over twenty years building businesses and transforming the culture and DNA of companies, including work at Fortune Magazine, the Association of National Advertisers, #SeeHer, McCann Worldgroup and more. She is a graduate of both Stanford University and Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.

Selected resources:

  • Lan’s LinkedIn profile:

  • Company of One:

Selected quotes

  • My four core values are my family and friends who are my chosen family, my faith, helping people and freedom. What would my life look like if I built a business around my values?

  • There’s a corporate saying that in any kind of meeting, seven is the ideal number of participants. When you go beyond seven, each person you add loses productivity by 10%.

  • We’re in this celebrity kind of world and people are tired of it. I don’t want to look at Kim Kardashian and I don’t want to follow these people. My voice matters, too.

  • I love Tony Robbins. But it’s about him and his wisdom. Community of SEVEN is not about me and my wisdom, it’s about the shared wisdom of everyone.

  • I’m an introvert, but my Why is How can I help as many people as possible in my lifetime? That’s my mission. I can’t do that by being small and by not elevating my voice.

  • Figuring out what your passion is and trying to create something that is uniquely you is the journey that we go through as entrepreneurs.

  • I’ve never been motivated by money, it’s not one of my values and doesn’t inspire me. I started with this notion of what’s a change I want to bring into the world.

  • The big lesson when posting on social media is don’t focus on your product or business, focus on how you can help people. How can you help people who follow your page?

  • Being a servant leader is one of my big core principles. It’s about being of service to folks you lead. My job is not to be the boss, my job was to serve my employees.

  • How can we change the world? How can I use my influence to change the world for the better? That’s a different mentality than creating a community based on power.

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