Deliberate Discomfort

What led me to write my book, Deliberate Discomfort, was FOMO, the fear of missing out. Usually, you don't want to put yourself out there, post online, and market yourself. That has been ingrained in all of us in the

Inadvertent Viral Post

I've never been too shy to talk about the struggles because I felt like people connected with them. For this post, I wanted to continue to have a legacy for my late wife. It's been seven years, and I just

Meritocracy in Publicity

As a ten-plus-year entrepreneur, I'm very jaded. When I went to a website, and it said as seen on CNN, and Forbes, in the New York Times, I used to think that they must be great. And then, when I

How Social Media Can Help You Build Your Company

What we’ve found is that social media contributes to helping build the business from a cultural standpoint. It helps with recruiting people. It assists from a talent standpoint and not necessarily from building the base of our end-state customers. We

How Virtual Reality Is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Whether you are trained to be a doctor, a nurse, or an EMT, there are generally three phases to your training. There's the didactic phase, there's the skills building, and then there's a simulation where you're bringing it all together,

The Future of Events

I've had a front-row to a massive disruption in the industry that now seems to be returning more to normal. Events have been live since the summer. However, several industries still hold virtual events. But there are some hybrid events,

People Don’t Pay for Nice Products

Sometimes grinding means that you're solving the wrong problem, or the pain point isn't big enough, where you haven't touched on a nerve. So do we have momentum? When do we know that it's been long enough, there should be

Common Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make

When asked what some common mistakes that I see entrepreneurs make are, I would say it depends on the stage of the startup. So today, I will share three huge mistakes that entrepreneurs make, but they should stop immediately. 

The Human Component of PPC

What everyone needs to understand is that PPC is a changing world. So what I say about PPC right now might not be what makes sense in six months. And this happens all the time because there are changes that

When to Invest in PPC

PPC is appealing because every acquisition channel agrees that it works. But it is also intimidating because you have to spend a lot of money, not just for the ads themselves, but for the management as well.