Podcasts Are Exploding

Why podcasts? They are exploding. There is so much room for podcasts.

Data-Driven Snackable Content

The philosophy that's driving what I'm doing at Captivate.ai is that today, in order to get noticed amidst an unbelievable amount of noise, brands have to be consistently top of mind. And making it harder, you need to do that

Packaging Your SaaS Products

In services businesses do not apply to your SaaS business. There are other metrics. But in a services business b2b, you're going to find right around that 500,000 revenue point, on average, could flex up and down, you're going to

A Better Type of Customer Discovery?

Sales should be informing marketing. Sales and marketing don't get along. In many companies, salespeople hate marketing, and marketing people hate sales; it is a fundamental conflict.

Take the Opportunity That Aligns With Your Vision

I love big new ideas. I want to do something new every day. So how did I grow that muscle by doing it poorly lots of times? Eventually, you learn that you need to do this. There's always going to

Your Podcast is a Marketing Machine

I always think of the Native Americans. They say they used every last piece of the buffalo. I feel like we as marketers today, we're creating exceptional podcasts and webinars, and events. We get 10% of the value. And so

Make Success Inevitable

I think that comparison is the thing that I struggle most with. And this is, after a decade of meditation and personal growth work. After a decade of that, it takes 10 seconds on LinkedIn and seeing someone's posts to

Add Value Now for Business Later

The working title I'm using for it is top of mind marketing. And so what I saw with my own podcast is that I have a great vehicle for putting information out to niche communities who are interested in very

Don’t Obsess over the Outcome

My biggest complaint is that I feel like as a society, and at this moment in history, the snapshot that people get, sadly, social media, TV magazines, everywhere, it's all about a certain image of what success should look like.

Build a Company That You Find Fulfilling

The part of me thinking that things will always evolve and always change gets exhausted; it gets exhausting thinking about having to continuously maintain and improve these systems. There's some aspect of that, which is so overwhelming because I want