Customers Will Tell You What You Need

What worked for us is the most significant step you need to take, listening to your existing customers. They're going to tell you what they need and what the market wants. 

Manage Your People Process to Change Your Life

How do you build connections at scale? You do it by getting out in the digital river and listening and engaging in the places where your constituencies grow and learn. For me, that's Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, whatever. And

Unify Contacts in One Nimble Place

I started to use social media in 2006. I saw it is going to change the way we work by itself.

Listen to Your Clients to Slice Through the Noise

What I found out as an entrepreneur is that we usually work inside the company. We stay inside and feel that this product is the best or that this feature is the best and people should use it. But, this

Be Transparent to Acquire Customers and Grow a Community

When you build content, you're not publishing it for a marketing benefit. But, of course, there's a marketing benefit of it, but we're trying to educate the market.

Why You Should Consider SEO and How to Keep Up With the Changes

SEO is always an afterthought. Some startups are techie and automatically know. But most companies have already done their Facebook ads and email campaigns. And they are at the point where they're thinking about their next steps. This is when

Podcasts Are Exploding

Why podcasts? They are exploding. There is so much room for podcasts.

Data-Driven Snackable Content

The philosophy that's driving what I'm doing at is that today, in order to get noticed amidst an unbelievable amount of noise, brands have to be consistently top of mind. And making it harder, you need to do that

Packaging Your SaaS Products

In services businesses do not apply to your SaaS business. There are other metrics. But in a services business b2b, you're going to find right around that 500,000 revenue point, on average, could flex up and down, you're going to

A Better Type of Customer Discovery?

Sales should be informing marketing. Sales and marketing don't get along. In many companies, salespeople hate marketing, and marketing people hate sales; it is a fundamental conflict.