Spray and Pray Isn’t Marketing

I love the marketing world because it's all about hiding in plain sight until you choose to overwhelm somebody's emotional center and take their attention. I love that even as a start because I feel like oftentimes for myself or

Creating a Target Profile and Building a Community

Avatars; some people might know them as the ideal customer personas. For me, it started by using my agency skills and training. It's almost comical, but at the agency, you create a target profile of who you're going after, and

My 2 Best Lessons From the Military for Entrepreneurship

Thinking back to my days at the Naval Academy and in the Navy, I learned some essential lessons through those experiences that have helped me as an entrepreneur. Two come immediately to mind.

4 Different Podcast Intentions

I'll point out that one thing: there can be different intentions for a podcast. A reason you can use podcasts is business development. For example, there's one company I'm thinking of, particularly where they have a target list of 100

What Makes a Successful Podcast

We're working with companies and helping them either with podcasts that they are currently doing or don't have a podcast yet want to start one. Here are some tips that I'd give somebody on what makes a successful podcast.

How Podcasting Has Changed My Life

I have a successful podcast that has certainly and positively changed my life in many ways over the last years. I want to share the three biggest and most important of those benefits with you in this post.

Why Podcasts Are Vital to Marketing

Finding your niche is creating buyer personas that give you a clear insight into who is buying from you and who you should be targeting. You can't sell to everybody or your products to be too broad and general; it's

Stop Talking About Your Brand

So, you have your business, and you want to promote it online. And you start asking yourself: Which is the best way to market your company and start attracting more customers? The answer is simple: stop talking about your bran

4 Trends in LinkedIn Top Voices 2020 Posts

4 Trends in LinkedIn Top Voices 2020 Posts   In order to better advise our clients at Captivate.ai, we analyzed the 2020 posts of LinkedIn Top Voices to understand the four biggest trends our clients can follow to gain more

4 Insights From #1 Rated Branded Podcasts

4 Insights from #1 Rated Branded Podcasts   Why Podcasts? Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing media forms in 2020, a trend that is projected to continue for the next five years. Businesses are finding podcasts to be a worthwhile