Inadvertent Viral Post | Paul David

About this episode: I'm rebroadcasting an episode that I did for my other podcast Beyond the Uniform, which we'll play here shortly. But this is a really incredible story of someone who wrote a post on LinkedIn and woke up

Things to Know When You Create Content | David Ledgerwood

About today's guest: My guest today is David Ledgerwood, an expert in sales. He has helped hundreds of companies grow from hundreds of 1000s of dollars in revenue to millions in revenue and 10s of millions of revenue. We talk

In Order to Grow, You Have to Change | Scott Kim

About today's guest: My guest today is Scott Kim, the CEO of RocketReach, which connects professionals to new opportunities, powered by the largest and most accurate contacts on this planet. He has an incredible career of turnaround work at companies

Teach Yourself How to Learn | Lauren Waldman

About today's guest: Joining me today is Lauren Waldman. Lauren is the founder and lead scientific learning designer at Learning Pirate, which invites people to come to see what happens when neuroscience is translated into practical application. And you can

How to Create a Clear Brand Message | Ryan Rhoten

About today's guest: Today, Ryan Rhoten covers a ton of ground, everything from crafting a brand messaging, to listening to people and understanding how to position your product or service to best meet their needs. To be able to mind-read

Deliberate Discomfort | Jason Van Camp

About today's guest: Jason Van Camp is the author of the book, Deliberate Discomfort, which is both a Wall Street Journal and 2x #1 Amazon Best Selling book. For the last 10+ years, he has run the consulting firm, Mission

Giving Is the New Currency of Credibility | John Hinchliffe

About today's guest: John Hinchliffe is an internationally recognised award-winning digital learning expert with over 12 years in the field. He is Head of Talent at Jam Pan, The #1 On-Demand Digital Learning Marketplace, which connects the right expert freelancers

8 to 2,500 Employees at MongoDB | Meghan Gill

About today's guest: Meghan Gill is the VP of Sales Operations & Sales Development at MongoDB, where she was Employee #8 and the first GTM hire at MongoDB, a company with over 2,500 employees now. She is an advisor and

Getting Noticed by World-Class Brands and Agencies | David Berkowitz

About today's guest: David is the founder of the Serial Marketer, where he creates demand generation programs for breakthrough B2B businesses with a focus on positioning, thought leadership, and business development. His experience spans marketing strategy, content marketing, business development,

Zero to 80k Followers in 10 Months | Lan Phan

About today's guest: Lan Phan is the Founder & Chief Community Builder at community of SEVEN, an invite-only community for those looking to change the world. She is an award-winning marketing leader with over twenty years building businesses and transforming