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Maximum Exposure From Your Live Events

Captivate Content Marketing turns your live event content into months of multi-channel exposure. Get more engagement, reach, & results by turning your event into attention-grabbing social media posts, captivating highlight reels, thrilling trailers, informative recap videos, & other eye-catching content.

content repurposed for many channels

Why do you need Captivate Content Marketing?

You're not getting enough from your investment in live events.

We repurpose your long-form video content into months of cross-platform media.

"We have way too much content to go through."

Give us access to your long-form content & we take it from there. The Captivate team uses deep industry expertise to create short videos of the most engaging & compelling moments for your target audience.

"We need the team to be focused on new content creation."

Captivate is the perfect partner for busy teams who need to repurpose content quickly & efficiently. Your team can focus on your top priorities while still delivering high-quality repurposed content that resonates.

"It takes too long for our team to cut up our content for social."

Captivate is the best choice when it comes to creating high-quality, engaging content for social media. We have the skill & experience to create videos optimized for each platform, ensuring maximum engagement.

"We don't have enough great social content to post consistently."

Video is the most powerful way to engage with your audience & prospects. Captivate enables you to maintain an active presence on social media through consistent posting & sharing of your best content.

"Our audience doesn't have the time to watch our full videos."

People don't have the attention span or time to sit through long, boring videos. Captivate delivers short videos that keep viewers engaged while still delivering the important information critical to growing your business.

"We don't have expert video production skills in-house."

Our team of expert video producers have years of experience crafting stunning visuals that will captivate your audience. We bring life to your stories by combining visuals, motion graphics, sound effects, transitions, & more.

What do you do with repurposed live event content?

Use your repurposed content to promote your event, before & after.

Keynotes, breakouts, roundtables, exhibitor halls, Q&As, networking events - everything should be repurposed.

mobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social media
Upload Video

Upload Video

Just upload your long-form video content & we do the rest. The Captivate platform uses human expertise + software AI to find the most relevant & compelling parts of each video.

captivate platform finds the best part of your video
More Juice

More Juice

You know which digital marketing channels work for your business. Need interesting posts for LinkedIn? Recap videos for YouTube? Graphics for Facebook? Captivate can do it all.

use captivate to push your repurposed content to your audience
Post & Share

Post & Share

You'll now have more than enough engaging content to post consistently. You can also share your social media optimized videos with your team, podcast guests, webinar attendees, & more.

get months of social posts from the captivate platform
mobile example of repurposed content on social mediamobile example of repurposed content on social media

Unleash the full potential of your live events with Captivate Content Marketing.

captivate content repurposing
Content Repurposing

Get more value from your long-form video content by repurposing it into posts for your social media channels.

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captivate content distribution
Content Distribution

Realize the full potential of your video content marketing by pushing repurposed content to your audiences.

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captivate paid social media marketing
Paid Social Media Marketing

Seize the opportunity of scale with paid social: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, & Snapchat.

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captivate paid search marketing
Paid Search Marketing

Tap into high-intent searchers on the world’s best search platforms: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, & Yahoo!.

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captivate email marketing
Email Marketing

Connect with your customers through newsletter campaigns & powerful email marketing automations.

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captivate landing pages and lead gen
Landing Pages & Lead Gen

Build your email & retargeting lists while capturing qualified leads with effective lead gen landing pages.

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